Last year, same time, we had this huge transformation and planning phase including all kind of tools like vision boards, books and workshops which helped us reflecting our values and passions, defining our goals etc.

The both of us and our lifes changed during that time. We started to change directions, following our hearts, chasing the sun.

As we all know, life is what happens while we are making plans. So we got pregnant and things changed again. Even though, life is a constant change and transformation, it still scares us. But things that scare us, make us grow. With change comes growth. What helped us during this year full of twists and turns was the flexibility and openness of our minds. We are ready to welcome challenges and changes in our lifes, because we learned that in the end it is you that gets to decide, whether to let the experiences you didnt quite plan or expect that way, get you down and let you fall back or, instead, to use them as a source of reflection, reconsideration, acceptance and personal growth.

So, same time, new year, around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, again we are using this powerful, silent days to look back, but most of all, to take those experiences into the present moment. Being satisfied with what IS, right now, right here. And to look ahead, making new plans, vision boards, goals for 2017. And we are looking forward to all the experinces we will make along the way, to all the surprises and challenges that will cross our path, to the growth we will make. Everyone on its own. As an individual. With the love and support of each other. Together. As a family.

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