Who we are

We are Stefan, Sabrina and Mavie Soleil. In 2016 we escaped corporate Europe. We quit our jobs, gave away all our material stuff and moved into a 1984 VW van. A few weeks into our new life the motor blew. And we found out we are expecting a third member here at SUNCHASIN. So we bought a bigger van, Nils. This is our second attempt to live the vanlife fulltime. I like to think that we forgot Mavie when we first left. And that's why we were facing a few obstacles. Now that she is here our decision to live in a van feels even more right. We are coming, world! Chasing the sun.

Why we do this

A few months ago we had good jobs. And we would spend every Euro we'd earn (or more). Mostly in good restaurants and bars. Now we live a very minimalistic lifestyle. And we try to spend as much time together in nature. We don't live in a van. That's where we sleep and cook. We live on the beach, in the woods or on the mountain.

Feel free to follow our journey @sunchasin on Instagram or Facebook.