On the table

We love food. Most of our money we spend on food. We enjoy the process of collecting, cooking and eating together. It's some sort of meditation.

We are no veggies or vegans or meat eater or whatever. We just try to listen to our body and give it what it needs. As regional as possible. Our meals consist mostly of vegetables, fruits and grain. And occasionally fish and meat. We do love a medium rare steak. But we don't have dairy products and meat everyday. For breakfast we usually have a porridge with banana (i know, it's not so regional) or some berries. Super cheap and keeps us running for hours.

We cook on a double burner gas stove. It's not fixed in the van. Whenever it's possible we love cooking outside. But when we stay on a supermarket parking slot we are happy there is enough space inside the van to prep some delicious food.

Here is a visual idea of what we eat