9 months ago I was super busy fixing our van. We were days from moving into it. And as most van dwellers I was facing major setbacks. I was stressed and couldn’t really enjoy the beautiful act of creating our future home.

It was at this time when Sabrina and I decided to take a day off. We were sitting at a lake when she put a tiny sand corn in here hand and said: “It is this size.” I asked “What’s this size?”. She replied: “Our baby”.

In this moment the only thing I felt was primal trust. I trusted that everything would be fine.

Quite soon this feeling faded away and I was filled with sadness. With fears. The following weeks were the worst in my life. I was depressed. I didn’t talk to anybody about it. I cried a lot. I was drowning in sadness. I was paralysed. I was in a point in my life where I didn’t want to have kids. Like ever. And I saw our new life at risk. My big dream was shattered.

I always thought I had an opinion on abortion. I thought it’s a good thing – I still do depending on the circumstances. But when I was in the situation where I felt this could be an option I realised I had no idea about it at all. I felt that this was not an easy decision. And I wondered how painful the thought of it must be for Sabrina. After all she felt live growing in her body.

It was still an option for me when I noticed that for Sabrina it’s not. We talked about it openly. That was important. To share our feelings. But I didn’t talk to anybody else. I thought I had to figure this out on my own. Like very often before.

The thing is when you speak to others you get a different perspective on things. And it took me a while to do so. I arranged a proper bro date with beers and burger and everything.

We had a beer. And another one. And another one. I was waiting for the right time. It was a Sunday and it got dark already. So I just put it on the table. I was scared.

The reaction of my bro was priceless. Very emotional. He was all smiles. He was so happy to hear that Sabrina was pregnant. It was like he found out he was having a baby. Wow.

Instantly I was filled with joy. With trust. With love. I thought if he was happy about it, I could be happy too. And that’s what I did. I started being happy.

We shared a few more beers. And I went home to Sabrina. I told her that I wanted the baby. She was super happy. To see me happy again.

Now I am just days from the birth of this awesome human to be. And I still shit my pants. Like A lot. But I am happy.


A lot of people got inspired by our process of liberating ourselves from material things and asked us, how we did it.

Well, let us get something straight right away: It didn´t happen overnight. It was a process. But maybe we can speed up your inner process a little with our experience and help. Therefore, we will share with you our 5 top tips that helped us to cut our stuff down, so that now everything we own, fits in a car.

But first we want to examine with you, WHY it is so hard to get rid of your belongings or even more so: Why is it so easy to accumulate so much stuff we do not need anyway, in the first place?!


    The more space you have, the more you will feel the urge to fill it. I mean, clearly you cannot fill a VAN or one-room apartment with the same amount of belongings like in a house. Vice versa, a big house would look pretty empty if we would fill it with only the things we do possess at the moment. The difference is: Now that we have lived with less, we do think twice about buying something, whilst most people are caught up in the consumption spiral buying anything without consciously thinking about it. If you take a look at some cellars, the sentence "Long absent, soon forgotten", comes to mind. But space should not be a reason for hoarding and letting go consciously of things you do not need, is always very healing, irrespective of where you live and if you are planning to move or not.


    It sure was easier for us to free ourselves from all that material stuff, because the both of us we do have some history of moving from one place to another in a very short period of time. If you have to move a lot, you are really happy about not having too much stuff and with every relocation, we possessed less and less.
    If I take my grandparents for example, who have lived all of their life in one house, it comes naturally that over the years belongings are accumulating and there comes a point where it is so much already that one gets overwhelmed and doesn´t know where to begin sorting out anymore.


    One of the first things we had to free ourselves from when moving into the van - and even more so, when travelling around in our Alfa Romeo - was consumption or the feeling of "needing things", because we simply didn´t have space to hoard things. And after some time in nature, at peace, experiencing what it really feels like to feel "whole", we also realised that we really do not NEED anything else. We already have everything we need and everything else would be simply satisfying the ego. When YOU do not feel enough, you will always seek happiness in the outer world. For most people, one way of filling that inner lack of something is consumption. You literally buy yourself some happiness. Or you think you are more "worthy" when you can show off with some particular pieces. As long as you don´t ask yourself the question of "Do I really REALLY need that right now? What does that stand for in my life?", you won´t escape the consumer spiral. Start by strengthening yourself, calming your ego-driven intentions. Start by being THANKFUL for what you have right here, right NOW.


    Stefan got so good at cutting down his stuff, that in the end, everything he owned already fit into one car. I myself had a harder time. I would always hear that inner voice telling me "oh, you know, mayyyyybeeee I´d like to settle down in the future and I miiiiight eventually need this again." - I´m sure you know that inner voice as well.  This dogma in our heads of needing to hoart things for those "rough times", was passed onto us from our grandparents and parents, and they definitely had their reasons to believe that, but time has changed.

    Most of us possess far more than even needed and if we would start trading again, we would always have what we need without ever having to spent a cent.. Try it: Just ASK for whatever you need - use Social Media as an awesome tool to do so - and you will be surprised of how many people are more than happy to help or trade.This sure is a process of TRUST! Trust in the sense that, yes, if I DO decide to settle down somewhat in the future, then there will be another possibility opening up of getting what I need at that time.

    It is also a process of realising that we have to start living in the NOW! We don´t know what´s coming, so just ask yourself: Do I need that object NOW?

    And last but not least, it is a process of non-attachment. Because sometimes, we also use the "I might need it in the future"-argument, because we do not want to let go since we are too emotionally attached to the objects. A good example is my school and university documents. Since knowledge and learning is one of my greatest values and everything that has to do with it, like books, are my greatest possessions - I would call it my personal hoarting Achilles` heel - I was moving around like 4 big cardboard boxes full of documents from school and university. I did the A-levels 10 years ago! And I still had all those documents, because I thought, well, you know, mayyyybeeee, I will need them again. There is so much knowledge in there - what if I DO start a tourist agency in the future eventually - won`t I be super grateful that I kept that folder where AMADEUS is explained? Yeah, right... And even if, that folder was written 10 years ago! 10 years! I mean, does AMADEUS even exist anymore? I have no idea, but I´m sure, things changed a little since then... But I just couldn´t get rid of those folders, because of me being emotionally attached to these memories. But believe it or not - I am now officially almost folder-free. The only folders I kept are the one with my personal documents, obviously, and the training folders I did a year ago for Mental Coaching and Yoga Teacher Training, because these I am looking into, obviously, almost on a weekly basis. FEELS AWESOME GUYS!


So here are my top 5 tips to help YOU free yourself from some superfluous objects and to start minimalizing now:



"If you have NOT used it in the last three months, you do NOT need it!" - Quote by my hairdresser Robert! This really wise concept of him was a true eye-opener to me. I visited him once and his flat was like suuuuper minimalistic and clean. Amazing, considering he also shares his apartment with his wife, 2 dogs and a handful of cats. He is obsessed with cleaning, though. But especially the non-chaos was stunning to me. So I asked him to reveal his secret, and he told me: "Every three months I am throwing away everything I did not touch in that period of time." I mean, WOW. Call that the perfection of non-attachment.

He is right, though! Let´s start in your bathroom, for example.. Take a look: How many parfumes, cosmetic articles, medicine etc. has been there for AGES and you have not used them at all? Especially as women, we do collect so much cosmetic articles, which we buy, cause we think we might use them, but then it turns out we don´t like it or it´s not like expected, or we have another favourite anyway which we are ALWAYS using.. Same goes with clothes, right? And in the end - if you do not wear it, what´s the point in keeping it? So this truly is my GOLDEN RULE #1 for every little thing of "daily routine" (clothes, cosmetics, electronic devices, kitchen equipment): If you have NOT had it in in use the last three months, LET GO, because clearly, you won´t miss it 🙂



Do not start with heavy stuff, like things you are emotionally attached with - or you will soon give up, because it will take you too long. Those things differ from person to person. To me it would be books, others might have a hard time with kitchen equipment, cosmetics, clothes, jewelery, shoes... So, whatever your weak spot may be: Do not begin there. 🙂

Once you started the cleaning process with something easy, you will be self-empowered, feeling liberated by the process and the sight of what you have already accomplished and therefore the "emotional" stuff will be easier as well, because you will be familiar already with what it means to "let go" and "free yourself" of material things.



Congratulations if you may have made it through some easy stuff already. It feels awesome, doesn´t it? Now we get to the "tough part" - things you are emotionally attached with. So, here´s my little secret when it comes to my weak spot - books, documents, letters and folders (as you may have noticed - all kinds of MEMORIES.. Something I feel attached to, because my EGO likes to believe that these things are a part of ME and therefore I am having a hard time to let them go. Also, it is kind of a clinging to the past, another version of not letting go and being fully committed to the NOW.)

So, here´s what happened: I carried my folders all one by one from the cellar into the living room. And I would sit there, looking at every single page - memories popping up ("oooh wow, I didnt even remember!" and "ahhh, interesting, I should really read that script about brain-body-mind philsophy again one day.. when I have finished all the other books that I have on my list..!") - and if it wasn´t for Stefan, I would probably still sit there reminiscing. 😀 He was working on his laptop next to me and realised my inner reluctance of letting go, and that I was already looking at one folder the last half an hour without making any progress. So he sat next to me on the living room floor, took some random folder and just started to tear out the pages and threw them into the cardboard box next to us.

First I was in shock - how could he do that? What if there was something valuable written on those pages? What if I would need them again? And oh my god, I have put sooo much love, devotion and effort into these folders, so much of ME is in there. But then he came along with all those reasonable arguments that I have already mentioned above in the first paragraph, and it suddenly made sense to me. Golden Rule #1 popped into my mind. And another thing hit me: I couldn´t bring these folders along with me anyway. Was I planning to move the folders to Vienna? Or abroad once we are moving? Or into a van? No, of course not. But would I call my mom one day, asking her to go into the cellar and look for that particular folder of accountancy to explain to me how an accrual accounting works? Sure not. So, it made sense to get rid of it. It was tough. But it was liberating to realise that these "memories" were only material ballast from the past and that everything I need to know, was already inside me. Or the world wide web. Just in case 😛

I would not have realised that on my own, though. I needed Stefan and his non-attachment to "my" things to be able to look at it with different eyes. It helped seeing him throwing away everything without any emotional attachment. It wasn´t his memories. To him, it was just another routine of rule #2 - the easy stuff!  

So my top tip to get rid of things you are emotionally attached to: Invite someone you like spending time with and fetch a "NO!". Show that person the pieces, you have a hard time letting go of because of your emotional attachment, and let them decide. Sometimes, you just need to hear it out loud of another person´s mouth (one you trust), that you really do NOT need that anymore. And then... LET GO! I promise, it is the most rewarding feeling once you have made it to that point. Almost like the old woman in the last scene of Titanic, when she threw her beloved "heart of the ocean"-necklace with a relieved sigh back into the ocean. Which brings me to:



Number four seems tough. But with all those reasonable arguments above, and having worked your way through it already, it gets easier to let go, doesn´t it? Anyway, it does not make sense to throw or give something away, if afterwards you regret it, or you think of it as a "loss". It will haunt you!

I once sold a lot of my clothes before flying back from Colombia after a one-year residency, because I simply took too much stuff with me at the beginning of the journey (I definitely learned from that experience) and my luggage would have been too heavy. Also, I needed the money 🙂 Most of those items I sold back then I don´t even remember and I certainly do not miss them. But there were two particular things I do still mourn after: a jeans jacket and a white summer dress, which I already felt bad while selling and up until now, even though it seems stupid, I never really got over "having lost" those pieces. But some changes need time. Take that time to be able to let go in peace. So, if it doesn´t feel right, even if you have gone through rules 1-3 above, then ask yourself: Why is that particular thing so important to me? What am I afraid of losing? What happens, if I don´t own it anymore; if I dare to let go? Most of the time, your fear is unfounded or ego-driven. But if it makes sense to keep it, then keep it and be even more conscious about that particular thing in the future.

But if not (and most of the time, that is the case!): let go without thinking twice - this is actually super healing and relieving. Getting conscious of the fact, that we really do NOT need everything we own! We need so much less and even with less, we would still have a lot more than we would actually need.



Nowadays and in our western consumer-society, where most of us do possess a lot more, than we would ever need anyway, we do throw away things too easily. But: There will ALWAYS be SOMEBODY out there, who would be super-happy about that particular thing you wouldn´t even think twice worthy of keeping. To me, I found that it is easier to let go of things if I made someone else happy with it. You could either

  • Give away some objects for free for people in need or even to relatives who could use it.
  • Trade the articles you are not using for something you will actually use. Clothes for instance. We all do have some mispurchases in our closet, don´t we? So why not organising a trading-party with your best friends - that way you get to have fun, and to chose some awesome new clothes for free. It is a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Sell it online! The last option does consider some serious amount of work, especially if you are planning to sell a lot of odds and ends, like we did, but if you need some extra bucks it is totally worth it. We did that in our last cleaning session just to check out if it works and believe us when we say: "Many a little DEFINITELY makes a mickle." We almost made a 1000 bucks last month by selling some of the stuff we didn´t need anymore.

Just think about these options before throwing away, which should always be the last option. Not only will it be good for mother earth, but also for YOU, because you made someone else happy.



Everything´s easier with some FUN - put on some music, do it together with friends.. whatever you need to enjoy the process of letting go: DO IT! 


We are curious! Write us about your experience with the process of letting go of material things! What was especially tough for you and did the rules mentioned above help you? Do you have more hints to share with the community?

Europe Roadtrip

  • 5 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain)
  • 34 days
  • 5.703 km


In October we jumped in our car and left cold Austria. We set off to a Europe road trip. Chasing the sun.

We spent  50,68 per day. For Food, Gas, Beers, Accommodation. For the two of us together. Our goal was not to spend more than 35 € per day. We were comfortable with this goal because we knew that worked. In summer we travelled around Slovenia and Croatia for a month and spent around 33 € a day. But the occasional visit at the mechanic and the long distance we travelled in a short time made it difficult on this trip.

We feel that spending 25 €- per person – per day – on holiday – in Europe is still great. Considering we had everything we needed.

Here is how we spent the money:

Gas 379,57 €
Toll 57,67 €
Mechanics 238,00 €
Public Transport 15,00 €
Parking 13,95 €
Restaurant 571,10 €
Party 31,00 €
Supermarket 269,16 €
Hotel 46,00 €
Other 101,50 €
Total 1.722,95 €

You want to have a more detailed look at our expenses. Open the full file here.

How we saved money

Sleep in your car. We slept in our car almost every day. Otherwise the expenses would have easily doubled. We loved it. It was cozy. We saved money. We got to wake up at the beach every morning.

Stay in one place. At the beginning of this trip we drove thousands of kilometres. We would get to a new place in the evening, get up early, agree that we saw everything that has to be seen and leave again. We spent more driving than actually enjoying places. That’s we stayed a tiny fishermen village (Las Negras) in the south of Spain. Not only did we calm down but also we spent a lot of money on gas and toll.

Bring a kitchen. We brought a box full of kitchen equipment and a gas stove. Just enough to cook our everyday breakfast. On a standard day we would have oatmeal with banana and seeds for breakfast, a cheeky tuna avocado sandwich for lunch and pasta in the evening.

Shop in big supermarkets. We don’t want anybody to follow this tip. It is sad, but you can actually save money by buying your food at huge super market chains. And also you are selling your soul.

Share a plate. When we are too lazy to cook our own meal we go to a local restaurant. Sometimes we share a dish. We figured we don’t always need a starter, a main and desert each. We are just used to it. And we are trained to find it rude if somebody does it. We think they are cheap fuxxs. I was just like that. But it is okay to actually listen to your body and give it just the right amount of food it needs.




Last year, same time, we had this huge transformation and planning phase including all kind of tools like vision boards, books and workshops which helped us reflecting our values and passions, defining our goals etc.

The both of us and our lifes changed during that time. We started to change directions, following our hearts, chasing the sun.

As we all know, life is what happens while we are making plans. So we got pregnant and things changed again. Even though, life is a constant change and transformation, it still scares us. But things that scare us, make us grow. With change comes growth. What helped us during this year full of twists and turns was the flexibility and openness of our minds. We are ready to welcome challenges and changes in our lifes, because we learned that in the end it is you that gets to decide, whether to let the experiences you didnt quite plan or expect that way, get you down and let you fall back or, instead, to use them as a source of reflection, reconsideration, acceptance and personal growth.

So, same time, new year, around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, again we are using this powerful, silent days to look back, but most of all, to take those experiences into the present moment. Being satisfied with what IS, right now, right here. And to look ahead, making new plans, vision boards, goals for 2017. And we are looking forward to all the experinces we will make along the way, to all the surprises and challenges that will cross our path, to the growth we will make. Everyone on its own. As an individual. With the love and support of each other. Together. As a family.

I never saw myself as a mom, having my own family. And being pregnant has always been kind of a horror scenario to me, since it is a situation one cannot control or “stop“ whenever you don’t feel like it. Scary considering I always liked to be the one in control.

Now that we got pregnant, I am so absolutely thankful for this powerful and transformative experience. I am forced to face issues, fears, people, situations I would have otherwise pushed aside. I am learning everyday anew what it means to accept, to let go, and how liberating this can be.

Pregnancy is transformative, obviously physically, but also in so many ways mentally – I can see myself growing, beautifully transforming and becoming stronger and clearer in my path. I try to live every single day of pregnancy consciously, soaking every part of it in. The pleasant and the unpleasant parts of it.

It’s such a powerful process and I have never felt so much faith, love, acceptance, but also vulnerabilty and sensibility in my life before. I am widely open. Ready to transform. Ready to open a new chapter. Embracing life.

I usually hate christmas. The consumer society. People acting. Family gatherings. Everything about it.

This year I almost skipped visiting my family. But I knew I would make a few people happy just by showing up. And there would be a lot of drinking. How bad can it be?

It was good. No stress. No presents. It was super relaxed. And to my surprise I really enjoyed it. For the first time in years.

I was never much of a family person. I think they are awesome, don’t get me wrong, I just felt like a “black sheep”.

This is about to change I feel. I guess since I will be a dad in a few weeks myself – this is still very unreal to me haha – and the fact I am starting my own little family, it plays an increasing role in my life.