I never saw myself as a mom, having my own family. And being pregnant has always been kind of a horror scenario to me, since it is a situation one cannot control or “stop“ whenever you don’t feel like it. Scary considering I always liked to be the one in control.

Now that we got pregnant, I am so absolutely thankful for this powerful and transformative experience. I am forced to face issues, fears, people, situations I would have otherwise pushed aside. I am learning everyday anew what it means to accept, to let go, and how liberating this can be.

Pregnancy is transformative, obviously physically, but also in so many ways mentally – I can see myself growing, beautifully transforming and becoming stronger and clearer in my path. I try to live every single day of pregnancy consciously, soaking every part of it in. The pleasant and the unpleasant parts of it.

It’s such a powerful process and I have never felt so much faith, love, acceptance, but also vulnerabilty and sensibility in my life before. I am widely open. Ready to transform. Ready to open a new chapter. Embracing life.