On the road

We’ve been traveling around Europe in vehicles of all sizes. We slept on the front seats of an Alfa Romeo for weeks. When Sabrina was pregnant. We had a few breakdowns and many more breathtaking camp spots with our beloved VW van Juanita. Currently we live in a huge Iveco Daily, called Nils. Buying him felt like buying an actual house.


Iveco Daily 35-15
born in 1998
family member since 2017
7 metres long, 3.500 kilos
3 seats
big living room
kids room
2 beds (1,4m x 2m)
600W Solar Panels with Inverter and 250Ah battery
Engel coolbox
double burner gas stove
wood burner made from an old gas bottle
traveled to Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco


Volkswagen Transporter Caravelle
born in 1984
family member from 2008-2017
3 seats (plus 3 in the back)
1 heart transplantation
1 bed (1,4m x 2m)
traveled to Austria, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy


Alfa Romeo 147 JTDM
born in 2006
family member from 2014-2017
5 seats
traveled to Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy